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Waiting for the dial tone ---> published as text for artist edition   back to index

It is night. Lights are shining. Dangers are lurking. A car is driving aimlessly around. A lone house appears, brightly lit, dark windows barred. Cries are fading in the night, and the phone does not have a dial tone any longer. The artists April Gertler, Barak Reiser and Gianluca Maver are intrigued by the night. They often set out - independent of one another - to photograph places and objects at night.

The night is their common theme. The artists have re-edited their photos into sequences that can be viewed individually or in relation to one another; according to a set order or in a random mix without a beginning or an end; as a loop; with main and auxiliary pictures; and a common title: Waiting for the dial tone.

In most photos there is nothing happening. Deserted pictures determine the rhythm of the image sequence, and the few protagonists have fear written across their face. Details hint at a crime.

The associations triggered in the viewer consolidate to form a thriller. The motifs appear like a film set; a stage at night; and the viewer hears noises, smells odours and senses moods; unreal, uncanny or eerily beautiful. These sensations are the results of memories which are evoked in the viewer by the light in each image, the colours, the composition, the perspectives and the specific places depicted.

(c) Ute Noll 

text: Ute Noll
artists: April Gertler (USA and D), Barak Reiser (Israel and D) Gianluca Maver (Italy)
more: The artists invited Ute Noll to write an article about their common project to go along with 3 images of their edition, which came out in the context of an artist curated exhibition at the Galerie Heimspiel in Frankfurt.